Hemlocks Studio
   Creative Escapes For Small Groups & Individuals 
All About Hemlocks
As you turn into the drive to Hemlocks Studio, an inviting presence of forest peace surrounds you.  Coolness, evergreen shadows and that indescribable fragrance of the mountains, fresh, musky, old and new, awakens your senses.  Stepping onto pine needle cushioned earth, you approach the old Victorian mountain cottage, where a gracious hospitality enfolds.  Your unique retreat begins with a friendly welcome, crisp mountain air and rich coffee.

Moving from the house to the airy, tree-top studio you enter the perfect setting for creative pursuits.  Sketching, reading or daydreaming among the hemlocks;  brainstorming and working in the studio, you explore your interests with intensity and passion.  After a day of discovery, you join your colleagues on the porch to relax and reflect.  There is no television, there are no distractions….. just imagination in abundance.

Let Hemlocks Studio create your summer retreat…or take one of ours!  We provide the atmosphere and the workplace.

You choose the rest.

Enjoy painting, hiking, music, reading or thinking?
Come to Hemlocks to pursue your passion.

If you need to get in touch with us or have questions concerning scheduling, interested in purchasing artwork from the gallery please contact me at:

Hemlocks Studio
Attn:  Sue Russell
P.O. Box 417
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718
Phone:  828-885-2831