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Hemlocks Studio Staff Artists

Instructors Bios

Clem Bedwell is a graduate of Auburn University, an illustrator and an artist who explores the landscape as elegantly spare statements of shape, space, light and shadow.  He works two- and three-dimensionally, creating pieces that are tactile and ephemeral.  He is represented by the Tew Gallery in Atlanta.

June Ellen Bradley is on a ceaseless journey within the art of nature as an herbalist, naturalist and visual artist.  She graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Biology and Government, spent 10 years studying Native American skills & philosophy with Tom Brown, Jr. and apprenticed with Rosemary Gladstar, a leading herbalist in the US.  She continues her studies with Jackie Woods at the Adawehi Institute in Columbus, NC. 

Danie Janov
is an artist/art educator with 25 years of experience  Instructors at hemlocks studio
teaching art and design at the college and university level and continues to teach workshops here and yon.  She has a BA from Georgetown College in Art and English, an MA from Radford University and a doctorate from Ball State University in Art / Art Education and is a signature member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.  Her mixed media artwork reflects her interest in nature from intricate shapes to simple abstractions of pattern and light.

Monita Mahoney
is an award-winning multimedia artist and a signature member of the South Carolina Watermedia Society.  Her primary focus is watermedia exploration, although she works in many mediums.  She says, "Working in more than one medium is like a farmer rotating his crops to replenish the earth…each medium I use enhances my use of the others."
As an experienced art administrator, an art teacher and an artist, she understands the nuances of the art process and is an "ARTapedia" of  tips, techniques and magic

Danalee Pipes spent 20 years as a left-brained RN and "retired".  Her daughter Sarah encouraged her to take an art class for "therapy."  One class led to another and eventually led to Dannie being a frequent student at Hemlocks.  She now applies her skills in organization with a creative eye.  Comfortable with two-and three-dimensional art forms, she combines imaginative ideas and innovative techniques with unique materials.  She is the Visual Art chair for the Stokes County Arts Council
and the "resident"
artist at Stokes Opportunity Center-for disabled adults,
where her "students" have become her new passion.

Sue Russell
has a BFA in Graphic Design
from the University of instructor at hemlocks studioGeorgia, an MA in Art/Art Education
from Arizona State University and is a signature member of the South Carolina Watermedia Society.  She has taught art at every level for a gazillion years and taught, worked and exhibited and lived in Saudi Arabia and Germany.  She declares that there may be instructors as good as she is, but there are none who are better. She carries a sketchbook everywhere, capturing movement with line, space with shapes and ideas in words.  After the images and ideas mesh, she takes a paint-filled brush and lets the excitement of the moment emerge from the surface, sometimes quietly, sometimes with fanfare.  She is represented by Art Downtown in Brunswick GA and the Little Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC.